Dutch Design Week 2018

Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit present in two exhibitions during the DDW.

Functional tech-textiles that care
Textiles could do so much more than only cover your body. It could keep track of your health, give power to your empty batteries, connects to your environment or give you empowering encouragements.
Danielle will be present at 20-10 from 11-18h to talk to you about the project and the exhibition. More info.

Home smart home
The kit is part of the exhibition Home smart home by VPRO Medialab. In the Albert Van Abbehuis, VPRO Medialab explores the future of living together with smart devices at home. In the CONNECT room you can see the newest devices that improve how we run our households.
Danielle will give a demo on Tuesday 23-10 from 14-17h. More info.

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