Meditation Lab is a project by artist/designer/innovator Danielle Roberts.
Danielle has meditated for over 22 years and she is also an enthusiastic self-tracker. She was in need of a platform with which she can research and optimise her meditation and which allow access to all the (live) sensor data so she can make beautiful things from her own data.


In 2015 Danielle started developing Silence Suit. In 2016 and 2017 she got help from electronics wizard Michel Gutlich and costume designer Léanne van Deurzen. Mid 2017 she won the WEARSustain open call for sustainable and ethical wearables and has developed Meditation Lab Experimenter Kit together with a team.


The following people have contributed to the realisation of MLEK:
Textile designer: Vera de Pont
Software engineering, UI design, electronics: Anne van den Heuvel, Simon de Bakker, Jan-Jaap Schuurman (ProtoSpace)
Hardware & firmware & 3D printing and design: Klaas de Haan, Stephen Geerlings, Jelmer Dijkstra (DesignLab UTwente)
Internet of Things programming: Stefan Paun, Olaf van der Meer (DesignLab UTwente)
Projectmanagement: Edo de Wolf, Frank Kresin (DesignLab UTwente)
System architectuur: Hans d’Achard
Data science and artificial intelligence: Germán Bravo
Researcher: Tom Bergman (Philips), Nicola Liberati (DesignLab UTwente)
Mentor: Koen Snoeckx
Intern Meditation Lab: Meike Kurella


Now the kit is ready there are many plans for the future. These can be captured in three tracks:

  • Meditation influencing. Danielle will continue to research which aspects of the environment have a positive effect on meditation. She also continues her research into the effects of light. More participants are needed. Are you interested? Please contact Meditation Lab.
  • Wisdom Interface. As part of her master Crossover Creativity Danielle will be researching how meditation experiences can be distributed through for example meditation performances or smart objects.
  • Silence Suit. We will be looking at ways to make Silence Suit more stable and maker friendly in order to release it as an Open Source project.


Funded by

This project would have never been possible without the disinterest or extra effort of:
Vera de Pont, Protospace, DesignLab UTwente, Michel Gutlich, Léanne van Deurzen, Meike Kurella, Pieter Floris.